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these are the days

gate 6

these are the days
of documented depression,
when we find
we move forward to get away
and any hesitation
is a step back


these are the days
we all become one color
just different shades
and it’s all so boring,
so we scratch ourselves red
and punch ourselves blue
until we’re the right color purple


these are the days
we can change our face
a million ways,
but we’ll never escape
from the sickness


these are the days
we forgive our transgressors,
because our minds
move faster than our body do,
and we figure out
we only hurt in familiar ways
and everything else
is a story told


these are the days
the angels arrive
and their light
ignites our flesh,
and the ones who survive
are the ones who dive
into the deepest, darkest pit


these are the days
we become alchemists
and we find a way
to create happiness,
but nothing comes without cost;
the high before the loss

“these are the days”
©Steven Cuenca


used to give

used to give more
when i had a lot less.
now i have a bit more
and give a lot less

i still help out sometimes,
but it’s like a Loch Ness
Monster sighting,
rare, unfocused, with shit lighting

think i need another tragedy
to get myself on my feet.
tragedy turned charity,
is that not the recipe?

now i just rest in peace,
got the world set up
to meet my needs.

i’ve turned into the boy that feeds,
shoulda been the giving tree

pity me, it’s the silly me
that wants to be
all the things
that imprison me

spent my whole life
trying to be comfortable,
and now i am,
thanks to the love
of helping hands

i should help back,
feel the sweat drip off my back,
or maybe i’ll just write about it;
duck the people in need,
quack quack

“used to give”
©Steven Cuenca

same songs

i listen to the same songs,
hope i hear ’em different

doesn’t matter what musician,
put myself in their position
and rock the fuck out

grab the mic and sing the same shit,
lookin’ out at my family and friends,
they’re screamin’.

every word that i say
reflects the mood of the day,
beat beat beating different meanin’

i be aggressive like,
grip the mic, scan the crowd,
“if you’re not dancing,
then get the fuck out”

they’d be impressed,
like, “this kid is the best”

encore encore,
open my car door,
drop the mic,
curtains close,
concert ends,
flowers thrown

listen to the same songs,
throwin’ different shows.
listen to the same songs,
hope i hear ’em grow.
listen to the same songs,
watch me sing the same shit,
same kid, same trip, same whip
same script

“same songs”
©Steven Cuenca



happy poems

mp 7

i need to get better
at writing happy poems
like when my cheeks
meet the bottom of my eyelids

like when i laugh so hard
it’s embarrassing
and i lose control
of my limbs

like when i can finally lay down
without a thought in my head,
because my body is elated
for no reason

like when i’m around the people i love
and it shuts me the fuck up,
that’s the happiest i think
that i’ve been

like when i’m so happy
my body wants to self-destruct,
“we’ve made it,” the goosebumps cry

like when i’m so happy
my body wants to self-destruct,
my body just wants to die

like when i’m so happy
my body wants to self-destruct,
and the demons bring
me back to one

like when i’m so happy
my body wants to self-destruct,
’til the happiness comes undone

“happy poems”
©Steven Cuenca

una cara triste

my mother was born
con una cara triste,
and i’m the same way.

doesn’t matter how i feel or think,
my mood reflects my face.

guess i gotta face it
like a mirror do,
but i’m always smiling at the mirror view.
(always lying at the mirror view)

i don’t smile on sunny days,
i’ve tested it,
i don’t smile on snowy days,
i’ve tested it.
the world has tried to cheer me up,
i’ve bested it.

tryna stay in a happy state,
but there’s no happy hour
in the Utah state.
no shade on Utah, literally;
Utah’s been great.

i absorb all the love that’s thrown at me,
but it’s a puddle to a lake.

i’m fake, i’m phony,
to take a line from Tio Tony:


is my spirit sound;
the sound of stress from a real man.

i don’t get real mad anymore,
it’s medicated.

the sadness, i laugh about it;
wear it like white paints
and a red nose with the big shoes.

fuck it, it’s the sadness i use
to navigate this pretty place.

my mother was born
con una cara triste,
but it’s a pretty face.

“una cara triste”
©Steven Cuenca

i think i was perfect

okt 2

i think i was perfect when i was diving deep,
like diving deeper than i’ve ever slept.
‘sleep’ rhymed better, but nonetheless
i think i was perfect two summers ago.

i think i was perfect when life and love
were broken by lack of sleep,
and a poor diet,
and the only love i found was in myself
and it was rich like dark chocolate
with almonds for the crunch.

i think i was perfect when everything was falling apart
and my body went into fight or flight.
every night was the morning,
every morning, a night,
i chose to fly instead of fight.

i think i was perfect when my eyes
succumbed to muscle memory
and they poured just like my drinks did.
nights of flashing, flashing lights,
and a spirit hardly lifted.

i think i was perfect when i was closest to christ,
my hands and feet were punctured.
i hung up there, but raised my head.
my fate i had accepted.

i’d die alone
and i’d sit
with thoughts invading like
black mold.
i wouldn’t die sad,
i’ve moved beyond that,
i’d die with a sense of comfort.

i’ve been comfortable
through all the fucked shit.
i’ve been comfortable
and full of love.
i’ve been comfortable making bubbles
when i should have held my lungs.

i think i was perfect when i was diving deep,
the deepest i’ve ever dove.
i think i was perfect
when i was scared of drowning.

“i think i was perfect
©Steven Cuenca



used to get on rooftops,
’bout a thousand stories.
took a thousand pictures
worth a thousand stories.

now the tallest building’s only 3 stories.
that’s just fine with me,
i’ll just tell them slowly.

used to get on rooftops,
i would risk my life;
breaking into buildings
on a drunkfucked night.

you don’t think the same
when you’re way up high.

bushwick, brooklyn lights,
camera to my side,
rock it left and right,
careful when you climb,
take your time,

don’t look down,
don’t look.

used to get on rooftops,
i was never skilled.
i’d just point and click,
took pictures that ain’t shit,
playing the misfit.

used to get on rooftops
i’d just point and click.

©Steven Cuenca