knocking back

love is leaning back
lean and lax
listening and speaking back
smoke n packed
drinking that
which leadeth men
to re-enact
the best they’ve been
and all the crap
they think might mask
the bleeding fact
that they are two sips
two steps back
from being dad
stumbled drunk
with heavy hands
heavy, heaven, every
chance i get to trap
the sickened craft
of knocking back
and knocking out
and knocking doors
to scream and shout

we all have ways
we let the
demons out

love is late
it makes me wait
it knows i can’t
i sweat and shake
i try to take
the easy way
and easy never
won the day

i won today
i loved today
it somehow, almost
feels the same
as crushing cans
the bitter taste
of watching me
waste away

“knocking back”
©Steven Cuenca

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