Month: December 2019


he said i was a crackhead
told all of his new friends
i guess it’s how i’ve acted
all my crazy nonsense

it should have been a funny
the way he laughed right at me
i must have lost my cunning
when did i get so sappy

the word just cut right through me
still feel it in my stomach
i tried to smile and keep my cool
i didn’t see it coming

he said i was a crackhead
never been an addict
never been a fiend and
i know he didn’t mean it

people see what people see
can’t fix how they look at me
i’m high risk, rewardless
spinning like a vortex

it’s funny, 20-20
trigger words
i can think of his
i can think of hers
how it stings, how it hurts

crack house, crack spot, crackhead
cracked out, crack pipe, Kraken
back stiff, cracked it

mapped out my life
this is the most stable i’ve been
i’ve been able to live
without asking for shit

i couldn’t say a word
i think i lost my breath
confronted him like a coward
i sent a thoughtful text
he said he’s really sorry
this is me getting over it

i wonder what he calls our brothers
this is me getting over it

┬ęSteven Cuenca