used to give

used to give more
when i had a lot less.
now i have a bit more
and give a lot less

i still help out sometimes,
but it’s like a Loch Ness
Monster sighting,
rare, unfocused, with shit lighting

think i need another tragedy
to get myself on my feet.
tragedy turned charity,
is that not the recipe?

now i just rest in peace,
got the world set up
to meet my needs.

i’ve turned into the boy that feeds,
shoulda been the giving tree

pity me, it’s the silly me
that wants to be
all the things
that imprison me

spent my whole life
trying to be comfortable,
and now i am,
thanks to the love
of helping hands

i should help back,
feel the sweat drip off my back,
or maybe i’ll just write about it;
duck the people in need,
quack quack

“used to give”
©Steven Cuenca

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