woke up 26


something scary
’bout falling asleep

woke up 26
i was just 13

playing football,
picking grass,
rubbing dirt on my knees

hadn’t kissed a girl yet
never had a girlfriend

family was Kansas
years before the whirlwinds

Christmases were heaven

level 47
troll hunter on Warcraft
i was on a warpath

more math, more English
fuck science, i’m religious

with faith a smidgen of a pigeon
or a fraction of a mustard seed
i can sink the ocean
or turn a mountain 10 degrees

never skipped school
never went out on weekdays
homebody from the jump
Small Soldiers on replay

we say grace
stuff our face
mother-made meals
powdered lemonade

the worst days were being told what to do.
things don’t change.
the worst days are being told what to do.

woke up 26
and i don’t know what to do

“woke up 26”
©Steven Cuenca

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