remember II

porch 4
ig: @snapshotsteve

remember the time i was all fucked up,
mild manorexia,
“my life’s so tough.”
ate 3 lollipops, for breakfast and lunch
every day,
there were holes in my
teeth by the end of the month.

and cold water reminds me
as it shifts against my cavities,
and shocks my nervous system,
shoulda listened to my wisdom
teeth. and made a good decision,

like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
like i can’t get much thinner.
fittin’ into my
old shirts and jeans,

feelin’ like a fucking gremlin.
need to take much better
care of me.

every hole in my teeth
has a story to tell
and i’ll tell ’em
’til they all fall out.

“remember II”
©Steven Cuenca


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