shy to sing


drunk moments seem to mean more
(more mean)
and the arguments are opera.
(opera fiends)
my monsters are shy to sing,
(fuck do they sing)

shake ’em up
shake ’em up
watch them pop
wake ’em up

sing along
sing along
you’ll never outsing
a monster’s song.

they know no rules,
they come from hell.
i’ll play the game,
i know them well.

they’ll say i’m right,
they’re quite convincing,

but i know them better
than they might think.

and i know i’m never right
past 5 drinks.

and i’ll wait for moments
when they might blink.

to apologize
for what’s inside.
i know i’m less love
than cyanide.

give it a night,
they get tired.

give it a night
to remember
what you admired
about me.

“shy to sing”
©Steven Cuenca

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