Month: October 2018

every Christ ever

acid 3

i see the dog every night
and he believes in Christ

He always makes the grass so green
and makes the sun grow bright

i see my mom every day
and she believes in Christ

she always makes the home seem brave
and makes the porch ignite

i see myself singing that
i believe in Christ

He makes sure that my mom feels safe
and makes the days go by

i see them all claiming that
they believe in Christ

but they don’t need Him like i do
He tucks me in at night

“every Christ ever”
┬ęSteven Cuenca

This Road Trip

purple 7

this road trip better last me forever

i can never look past my big toe
after every step that i take,
but i still manage to make sure
that the now is planned out.

this road trip better last me forever

i don’t remember anything anymore,
i hallucinate now.
i won’t say it out loud,
but the shapes and the sounds
haven’t been honest,
and you are my beacon.

this road trip will never happen

moments have gained infinite importance,
so i move slowly now.
it must be the last chapter
with writings that mean to stretch
and wring out every last bit
before the page turns white–
it’s alright! it’s alright,

the trip never happened.

you never saw past your big toe
and you can’t plan nows.
you knew that.
you knew it and you laughed it off.
you laughed it off
and it never happened.

“this road trip”
┬ęSteven Cuenca