especially special

A 9

i think life’s easier when you stop thinking you’re special.

especially when you are

especially when you’re so undeniably special
that the world would need to rotate one trillion times
before producing someone like you.

especially when you’re so special
that you can maintain a sense of self
after death, and heartbreak, after cruelty of man.

especially when you’re so fucking special
that god takes the time to speak to you
in moving colors and shifting sounds.

listen around, listen to it

you are so fucking special
that none of us are;
no one can put their finger on your worth,
you were special from birth–
from the moment you stepped on the earth
with dirt tucked in-between your toes
and your lungs filled with sky blue.

need to do us a favor, please:

stop thinking you’re special;
life will be easier for the rest of us.

“especially special”
©Steven Cuenca

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