Month: January 2018

glass broken

zebra 8

my love is broken glass
don’t step on me
just watch me sparkle like a fake diamond

don’t try to put me back together
i’m not a jigsaw puzzle
just watch me sparkle like a fake diamond

don’t sweep me off the ground
i am where i fall
just watch me sparkle like a fake diamond

my love my love my love is glass broken–

wait! come back!

i lied, you can step on me, if you want
listen to my Crunch.

piece me back together however you’d like
maybe i’ll be better this time

sweep me off the ground
i’ve been here long enough

and please, please, please please
just watch me sparkle for a moment

i am beauty broken,
but i am beautiful
i am.

“glass broken”
©Steven Cuenca




Playing 11
Lia, @snapshotsteve

we were fucked off of wine and brew.
your eyes were puppy off the ecstasy.

i told you i loved you
in the hotel room;
i didn’t mean it,
but i wanted to scream it.

i missed how it felt on my tongue
and my teeth.

it’s probably not fair,
you’re young
and the word has so much weight to it,
but i feel so weightless in saying it
and maybe that’s a problem.

i love you the way i love thai food
and the color blue on sunny days,
but i’ve never written about thai food
or sky blues, until now,
and i’m not always in the mood for them
like i am for you.

you make me hungry again.
i’m hungry right now,
so we should do the thai thing, vegan.
we’ll figure it out.

©Steven Cuenca


rose brown

you’re a rose

browned for lack of


or because the sun

smacked you around

for too long

or maybe you were


thirsty for something

you couldn’t reach

or maybe the opposite,

maybe you found the one thing

that gives you life and you

drowned, drowned

browned, brown like me,

but you’re still a rose

removed from the beauty

of living colors;

the softness of your flesh

has been replaced

with the beauty of the


the Crunch. i hear

when i have you in my palm

and bring you to my ear

and squeeze for that final sound:


“rose brown”

©Steven Cuenca