Month: December 2017

good manic morning


i’m not crazy

i’m manic today

and the hazy greys

look like lazy blues

i’m hungry again

and these straight-out-the-dryer

chicken fried socks

feel good on my feets

morning morning

i just wanna clean

my room to sunlight

i don’t want to fuck anything

i just want to stare at the mirror

and figure him out

i am love bubbling

floating to the center of everything

defying sciences and spirits of man

i know i’m not happy

my brain is playing a cheap trick

feeding me fast food, but

who cares who cares who cares

all that matters is the first three bites

where the vinegar and pickles shock your cheeks

and the buns coat the top of your mouth with sweetness,

the mush on your tongue tastes exactly how it’s advertised

and you know it’s not real but you don’t think about it,

you just enjoy it for the moment,

while your breath grows heavy

and your face starts feeling greasy

and you smell like onions

and your body is preparing itself

to crash violently back into depression.

“good manic morning”

©Steven Cuenca