Month: July 2017

snake’s blood

“we’re warriors, we have warrior’s blood.

my father, yours.

we’re fighters.”

he was half-right.

i’m a coward that hides behind

words and whispers.

i am Brutus of Rome.

i am 30 pieces of silver.

i am the kiss.

i am the hiss in the Garden of Eden.

I am Will Hunting,

surrounding himself with

retarded gorillas.

I am cyber bullying

in its early days.

AIM was my weapon.

i am the girl on the ground.

i pushed her down.

i am so small

when i’m confronted in public.

i am the moments right after,

when i feel brave again.

i am 3 punches to the cock

while they held him down.

i am the speeches i wrote

for a church i don’t believe in.

i am the tears that they cried.

i am the hate.

i am the anger that mutes me.

i am the words and the whispers.

he said we’re warriors.

he’s only half-right.

he’ll be remembered,

because people like me

write stories about people like him.

“snake’s blood”

©Steven Cuenca

post-yawn purity

you used to yawn

tears would puddle underneath your eyes

and there wasn’t a single wrinkle of sadness on your face

just a warmth of mock innocence


i remember wanting to squeeze the life out of you

absorb your moment of post-yawn purity

and have that warmth burn my chest


that’s how i have to think about you

it’s what you are now

“post-yawn purity”

©Steven Cuenca




hold my hand

break my bones

let them spill all on the ground


don’t be scared

i’ll pick them up

it didn’t hurt as much this time


©Steven Cuenca