Month: April 2017

I am a Frog

i am a frog

leaping from one thing to the next

restless, jumpy

my legs think they’re wings

i’ll fly, i’ll live in the moment before impact

“I am a Frog”

©Steven Cuenca


i used to think i fell in love with you
but now i know i climbed into it

i climbed so fucking high,
where the air was thin
and you were nowhere in sight

are you afraid of heights?
did your arms grow tired?
maybe the farther up i went
the more discouraged you grew
or maybe climbing just isn’t your thing

whatever it was,
i’m way up here
lonely in love

i guess the trick to being happy is
climbing slower than the other person
keeping close to the ground
so that you can jump off at any moment

i’m so high at this point
it’ll take me years to fall out of love
and at the moment of impact
i’d be destroyed

so i might as well keep climbing


©Steven Cuenca